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Our Services

As a detective agency we offer you the following services:

  • Defense investigations
  • Matrimonial surveillance
  • Corporate protection and investigations
  • Cyber-security & Corporate counter-espionage
  • Brand & Intellectual Property protection
  • Insurance Investigations
  • House Security
  • Investigations for Environmental Protection
  • Counter Electronic Surveillance & De-bugging services (Bug Sweeps)
  • IT Forensics & IT Investigations
  • Commercial Information gathering, in Italy and abroad

Defense investigations

Law 397/2000.

The team, graduated from Law, is specialized in Criminal Law and Criminal Law Procedure, with more than twenty years of experience in the Criminal investigation department (Polizia Giudiziaria). We can provide attorneys with precious information and we can offer a wide range of services tailored to the needs of each enquiry.

Eurodetective has established a consortium of proven and reliable experts in the fields of DNA testing, identification of suspected substance, lawful interception, speaker and voice recognition, psychotropic drug detection, fingerprint comparison testing, Calligraphic analysis, falsification detection and others.

Matrimonial surveillance

We can provide private persons and law firms with information and evidences on unfaithful spouses and mistreatment of children under custody. On request, we can witness our activity in the appropriate time and place.

We also conduct investigations concerning teen-agers activity, inheritance and anti-drug, even in a preventive prospective.

Corporate protection and investigations

Employees integrity and respect of non-compete clauses. In case n. 6236, the Corte di Cassazione held that employees who violate company policy can be dismissed, after conducting an investigation, which will be witnessed in the appropriate time and place and properly documented with photographs and videotapes. We can gather business information, in Italy and abroad, and we can provide counter electronic surveillance and de-bugging services for your communications privacy and security.

We offer services tailored to the needs of each case in order to prevent missing shipments and lacks in stock, in small or big shops. Our team is also specialized in shoplifting prevention.

Cyber-security & Corporate counter-espionage

D.lgs. 626/94, "Sicurezza delle reti informatiche aziendali" (company network security). Inspection, analysis, management and instruction on network security. Personal Computers and hard disks inspection. We safeguard your business know-how employing experts and sophisticated technologies.

Brand & Intellectual Property protection

Applying recent European Community directives, we offer protection against the illegitimate use of brands, trademarks and products.

Insurance Investigations

Investigations, inspections, witnesses examinations, identification of heirs and their status and appraisal of any kind of injury (among the others: work and personal injuries, car accidents, thefts, fire, medical assistance).

Appraisals are provided with documentary evidences and can be brought in courts.

Our experts, authorized by the law, conduct criminal investigations on insurance frauds (article 642 c.p.).

House Security

We use our experience and professionalism to provide the best habitation security services.
Electronic surveillance and some simple but precious advises will help you to have serene dreams, both when you are at home or away.

Investigations for Environmental Protection

Investigations addressed to the assessment of the status of compliance with environmental law. Inspections and litigation technical support.

Counter Electronic Surveillance & De-bugging services (Bug Sweeps)

Nowadays, people privacy and company security is increasingly uncertain and risky. Eurodetective carries on corporate counter-espionage (including de-bugging) activity in order to pinpoint and deactivate hidden microphones and electronic "bugs" illegally installed.

When requiring this service, we recommend not to call from places where you normally conduct your private businesses.

IT Forensics & IT Investigations

  • Forensic analysis of information systems, e.g. computers, desktops, servers and external hard disks, equipped with any type of file or operating system.
  • Forensic analysis of smartphones equipped with any type of operating system.
  • Telematics lawful interceptions on IP networks, with reconstruction and representation of the acquired data.
  • Passwords retrieval form protected files or systems, performed by our experts.
  • Data retrieval from mass storage supports, with reconstruction, if possible, of the deleted data.
  • Law enforcement assistance in identification, acquisition, preservation and analysis of evidences.

Commercial Information gathering, in Italy and abroad

We supply reports on persons, companies and organizations, either Italian or foreign, and due diligence activities.

Partners and collaborations

Ascom business promotion

The President of Eurodetective, Dr. Vittorio Umberto di Santo, and 'security consultant and investigations of Confcommercio ASCOM Bologna.


Eurodetective is associated with Confindustria

Who We Are
  • The agency director has several years of experience in Intelligence Services and in the anti-terrorist cell of the Arma dei Carabinieri.
  • President: Dott. Prof. Vittorio Umberto Di Santo